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Ancient Greece - Antica Grecia

Type of project:

Pop Up Book


Nui Nui books

Country and year:

(Italy, 2022)

All you have to do is turn the pages of this fantastic pop up book to bring to life 8 incredible 3D scenes of this glorious and ancient civilization. Step back in time and discover what daily life was like in ancient Athens, attend a meeting of the citizens' assembly, visit the port of Piraeus, set sail in a trireme, meet Zeus, the father of all gods, and the demigod Heracles, accompany Ulysses on his travels and take part in the first Olympic games! The 8 fantastic pop ups will take you back in time to admire all the wonders of ancient Greece.

Paper engineering: David Hawcock.
Illustrations: Javier Joaquin.
Publisher: Nuinui books (Italy, 2021).

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