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Centre of the Universe - Centro del Universo


Penguin Random House

Country and date:

(Uruguay, 2019)

Alejo could never have imagined a day like this. What starts out as just another morning ends up becoming an intergalactic adventure when some alien bounty hunters chase him through the city and other unlikely places. With the help of unexpected friends, facing enemies with surprising abilities, Alejo finds himself face to face with the secret that can revolutionize the entire Universe or destroy it. A secret that has much more to do with himself than Alejo thinks.

Without being able to stop for a moment, Alejo must learn to trust others and take things with a little more humor, if he wants to survive. And even to fit better into the world. Because, after all, who said it's easy to be the Center of the Universe?

Written by Federico Ivanier
Illustrations: Javier Joaquín

Publisher: Alfaguara, Penguin Random House (Uruguay, 2019)

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